Welcome to Agápe Harp

Agápe Harp is the home of harpist Katy Valentine.  She first sat down at the harp at Christmas in 2009, and has kept plucking away ever since!  The mission of Agápe Harp is to facilitate inner peace and love to empower listeners to go out into the world as centered human beings.  Katy plays in a variety of settings and believes strongly that harp music can facilitate inner peace and love. 

Agápe (pronounced ah-gah-pay) is the Greek word for unconditional love.  This is the kind of love that the Divine has for all of creation, including human beings.  It's also the kind of unconditional love that human beings can show graciously to one another.  And the harp is one tool that can help us on our way. 

New Services are being offered now!  

Sound Healing: $25 for 30 minutes / $40 for 60 minutes
     Experience the harp up close and in person!  You will experience listening   
     to the harp, feeling its vibrations, an opportunity to play the harp if you
     wish.  Each session is customized to your own individual needs.  Sessions    
     offered in Chico, CA or online.

Harp Lessons: $25 for 30 minute lesson / $40 for 60 minute lesson
     Learn to play the harp!  Katy will guide you through the beginning steps of        learning to play the harp for yourself.  Whether you've played an instrument      before or not, you can learn to play the harp -- and it's an instrument that          sound beautiful from day 1.  For those who already play the harp, drop by          for a lesson to learn how to improvise, play in  modes and play for spiritual        healing to supplement your lessons.  Lessons offered in Chico, CA or online.

Spiritual Care with the Harp: $25 for 30 minutes / $40 for 60 minutes
    This unique services combines Katy's skills as a musician and as a spiritual         care provider.  You are invited to experience a combination of music,            
    spiritual direction, oils, prayer, and whatever else might guide our session         together.  Katy is open to traditional and alternative forms of healing.  She         comes from a Christian background and is open to many spiritual languages.     Sessions offered in Chico, CA or online.

First timers receive a 10% discount for the initial visit.
To schedule your session, email AgapeHarp777@gmail.com or text 510 936 2020 for more information.

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Are you interested in the Chakra Oil Blends that I have?  If so, please head on over to this site.  Thanks!!


Harp Solo & Chakra Grounding Meditation is now available!  To order a physical copy of the CD, click here.  To download the CD, click here.

This recording is a collaborative project that is a combination of vocal meditation and harp music.  From the description: "Welcome to this audio journey that manifests divine energy. The creators of this recording will take you on a journey of the body, mind, and spirit through soothing guided meditation and awe inspiring harp music."

Robin Waters Casper, LMFT, RMT, is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #41820, a Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, and the owner of Waters N Light Reiki N Books.  Dr. Katy Valentine is the founder of Agápe Harp, and she is also a minister and a scholar of Sacred Scripture.  Together, Robin and Katy take you on a journey toward love and light!